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embroidery thread winding machine, sewing thread winding machine

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Ningbo Dingming Machinery Manufacturing
Co., Ltd, founded in the year of 2000, is a comprehensive researcher,
manufacturer and exporter series of thread winding machines,such as cone
winders, cone and cheese winders,bobbin winder, prewound bobbin winder,king
spooling winders, automatic mini bobbin winders and automatic high
speed winding machines and other textile machines.Now we have covered mainly
4 series textile machinery: CL- series, DM- series, with DM- brand, Dingming
Company's service is based on commitment,professionalism,innovation and
quality.This kind of commitment pushes us constantly to research&develop new
products so that we can maintain our leading edg in innovative
manufacturing.With a solid reputation that spans 9 years.We are confident that
our promptness quality manufacturing & customer service will meet your high
standards no matter where you are.We hope we have the opportunity to make
progress with you.URL: https://www.nbdingming.... [Detailed]
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